Artist's Statement


I create work in the in between times: between activity and stillness, between restriction and release.  My work reflects this duality. I am interested in perceptions of place, what draws us in, what keeps us here, and how that identification shapes our memories and interactions.


In considering internal and external connections to place, I try to capture both the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that often exists within a space as well as the aftermath of that remembrance:  the unintended burden of choices and of accepting one’s position in life. I use 2-D media as a way to explore these ideas.


Much of my work looks at the quiet moments that subsist between periods of intense restlessness and uncertainty. The impact of these moments, which are at once both banal and ineffable, cannot be described or fathomed or explained, only experienced, and it is this experience which I attempt to reconstruct through paintings, drawings, and photographs. My collective body of work comes to reflect something honest, not only about myself, but about the way in which we all navigate through change.

-Corolyn Holub